Archaeological National Museum of Naples

Archaeological National Museum of Naples


Live the exhibition “Gladiatori in 3D” at the Archaeological National Museum of Naples with our AR Glasses to get to understand, discover and RE-discover what a simple and furtive look at the archaeological finds does not allow you to capture.

The characters come to life in the form of a hologram and tell the origin of gladiator fights, going back in time to the ancient duels in honor of the dead. The tombstones are reconstructed in 3D and their iconography is explained. The rich decorations of the weapons of the Gladiators are “freed” from helmets and greaves, to narrate the different classes of the fighters. And more, between technology and teaching, it is possible to discover how the men whose skeletons come from the necropolis of York died, read and translate the inscriptions of the epigraphs, understand the history of the figures that stand out from the reliefs under construction, look closely at signs and suggestions of wall graffiti.

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The Tour includes the AR Glasses. The entrance ticket to the Museum is not included.

Il punto di incontro è al secondo piano nel salone della Meridiana del MANN; Piazza Museo 19, 80135, Napoli (NA).

The Tour is available in English and Italian.