School Group

School Group

A tour  leader meets each group to distribute the smart glasses to the participants and explains their simple use.

All smart glasses, before being used, are previously sanitized according to the regulations drawn up by the company.

The earphones provided for audio are disposable.

Access to the archaeological parks is permitted subject to compliance with the regulations and in force of Covid 19 measures.

The entrance into the Pompeii excavations for schools is from Piazza Anfiteatro. The tour starts at 10.00 and will finish at Porta Marina Inferiore / Piazza Esedra at 12.30.

In Herculaneum the tour Starts at 2.30pm form Corso Resina Entrance and will finish 4.30pm in the same place.

Each group will have a dedicated AR tour leader.

The tour leader will collect the smart glasses at the end of the tour.

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The AR TOUR consists of an augmented reality tour in the main areas of historical and artistic interest in the Archaeological Parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The students and accompanying persons will be equipped with smart glasses with completely transparent lenses that give the possibility of never losing perception of the real context and in addition they will see the architectural work – no longer physically present – reconstructed as it was originally. AR Tour of the Archaeological Parks offers a rich schedule of tour routes that can be customized at the moment according to the needs and the time available. The experience with smart glasses is available with a prerecorded audio in five languages ​​(Italian, English, French, German, Spanish), with detailed narration of the monuments. The narration can be interrupted at any time by the tour leader, in order to interact with the students.